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Few names are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of rock music like Trentyn Urick of Trentyn Urick Music - The Next Generation of Rock. A multi-talented solo artist, accomplished 16 year old guitarist, vocalist and performer, Trentyn Urick,  takes listeners on a compelling journey of thoughts and emotions with every new release. Writing and recording his own original music with his signature rock/metal sound, as well as re-imagining covers, Trentyn Urick represents all the best of rock music.  Get to know the artist behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more – never miss a beat!





Never before has the rock music scene been caught off guard by the youth phenomenon of TRENTYN URICK. Not only an accomplished lead guitarist, shredder and instrumentalist, TRENTYN  is also a legitimate, commercial vocalist. Guitar trained since age 5, and vocally trained since age 10, Trentyn creates an authentic and organic vocal style coupled with an original rock/metal sound all his own. Trentyn embodies it all. Influenced by guitar powerhouses Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, and many others, as well as iconic groups such as Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch and Metallica  Trentyn has evolved as the sound, look, and spirit of the Next Generation of Rock.   


Introducing Trentyn Urick, 16 year old multi-talented solo artist touted as "the Next Generation of Rock! " Trentyn Urick has shared the stage with musician greats such as Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Philip Bynoe, Brian Tichy, Moheni Dey,  and many others. Currently in the studio, working on a 5 song EP of original material, Trentyn will be debuting two (2) hit singles this month - his original " Against The Crowd", a thought provoking and trendy march to arms, as well as a uniquely metal/rock version of Whitesnake's epic " Still of the Night". Few youth artists have tackled so much at this age, and succeeded, at bringing a new musical era to the current music scene. Armed with killer shredding, a powerful and unique vocal style, and a commitment and dedication to music akin to that of iconic rock masters, TRENTYN URICK is the face and sound of the next generation of Rock Music!



Los Angeles, CA




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